A Month of TERROR

This Halloween, Dan was laid up due to ankle surgery. Since we could not go out we did the next best thing: watched horror movies every weekend during the month of October! Dan came up with a rating system and we filled it out for each one:


This is a German zombie movie, and it is pretty damn funny. Perfect way to start our month of horror!


Somehow I had never seen this movie before – pretty scary for an oldie. I learned it was the original occult film. Also I learned that the 60’s were an incredibly sexist era where women talked in baby voices.


OK, this was absolutely the most terrifying movie I have ever seen in my entire life. It is about a female police officer covering the night shift in a creepy haunted police station.  Halfway through, I was thinking she should just kill herself because it was too fucking scary.


Maybe I was desensitized from watching the Last Shift, but this movie was not nearly as scary as I remembered. And… where were Jessica Biel’s nipples?


LOL I just figured out why this movie is named “Saw”. I did so enjoy watching Wesley from Princess Bride all grown up. And what an epic ending!


This girl was kind of a bad-ass. And John Goodman’s PTSD was inspired. There were many, many twists in the plot. Perhaps… too many.


Freddy’s mask is very obvious in HD.  But it was fun seeing young Johnny Depp play Glen, who can’t stay awake for 5 minutes. Also appreciated how the mother casually produced a bottle of gin from her bathrobe to depict alcoholism.

Stir of Echoes.png

One of my favorite scary movies of all time. I think this is the best genre – similar to Last Shift. It’s true crime plus paranormal. Mannn Kevin Bacon was cut!


Last shift was the clear winner here. Best horror movie I will probably never watch again!

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