Sorry Stitch Fix… I Found Something Better.

Dear Stitch Fix,

It just isn’t working. Each week when you arrive, I get so excited. But five minutes later? Crushing disappointment. I feel like you’re not listening to me!  I keep telling you what I want and don’t want, and you keep sending me jeans. I told you like 5 times that I don’t need any more pants! Sure, the jeans fit great – I even kept a few pairs. But I shouldn’t have. I was leading you on.

Ok… really, Stitch Fix?

And, about that last package you sent. What the fuck was that? That terrible blue dress (<— )??? An ugly-ass fashion scarf? I said no accessories!!!

Look… it’s not your fault. You’re a fast growing company with a lot going on. You just can’t give me the attention I feel I deserve.  I want you to know that I found someone else. I hope you can be happy for me. Her name is Cat. We’ve been friends for twelve years now and have recently started doing our own thing. She’s perfect for me; she has incredible fashion sense and she loves spending money, even when it’s not hers! We started a Pinterest board and she pins clothes from Nordstrom Rack. I buy them, post pictures, and then she helps improve my outfits.   Her comments are the best part!

Get a colorful sweater on! This isn’t Pleasantville!
You need a brighter color shirt, you look like a pope, or something

Best of all? She even takes me shopping when she’s in town. I’m not telling you this to make you feel bad, I’m just explaining that she gives me what I need. Like last weekend, she took me to a Clear the Rack sale at Nordstrom. She’s an amazingly fast shopper, and she chooses things for me I would never pick out for myself!  When she handed me a floral romper, I thought she was crazy. When she told me to wear gray , over-the-knee boots with it, I thought she was even crazier. Then there was this Lucky brand plaid dress which, to me, was hideous.  I told Cat to take it out of the cart and she shushed me. When  I tried everything on, it looked… amazing.


I don’t know how she does it. She’s like Rain Man for fashion!

Anyways, I got a Nordstrom debit card, and it’s working out very well. Cat is starting to coordinate more and more outfits for me and… well, I’m happier with my wardrobe than I have ever been.

Let’s stay in touch! Maybe I’ll check out your Pinterest board. I would say you can look at mine, but it’s private. Hope you understand.


Take Care,


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