About Me

Hello and welcome to jesscuest (pronounced Jess “Quest”) . com!

I am a Bay Area native who loves reading, running, and binge watching the same shows over and over. Above all, I love to write. I have written two 200-page novels which will never see the light of day; one is about a zombie apocalypse (2015) and the other is about a vaccination campaign gone horribly wrong resulting in mass human extinction (2016). Seriously. Considering the current state of the world, I may continue to write stories like this with better authority or choose to never touch these topics again.

What I really love to write are non-fiction, research-based articles. I wish I could say that this is my side hustle, but since no one ever asks (or pays) me to do it, let’s call it a personal passion for now. 

Here is an overview of what you will find on my site:

  • Forensic Files is one show I have been watching for decades. A few cases just never sat right with me so I decided to investigate. Now I am more convinced than ever that an innocent man is behind bars for merely contaminating a crime scene. You can read about this and two other cases on my blog.
  • MannKind is a small biotech company whose late CEO was a friend of my in-laws. During graduate school I performed extensive research on MannKind and noticed an obscure reference to Martin Shkreli, which led me to down another fascinating rabbit-hole. You can read the case studies I co-authored about MannKind and learn how Shkreli sabotaged the company for financial gain.
  • For my next research project, I am going to investigate whether some people are harder to kill than others. I love stories about survival – even though I would definitely be the first to die in one of these situations – and have noticed a small percentage of people seem tougher than most. This begs the question: are certain people more physically or mentally fit? Or is there some other way they manage to evade death?

As you have probably figured out, I do not take my hobbies too seriously. I run regularly to manage stress and stay in shape, but my running pace would impress no one and I have zero desire to run a full marathon. Similarly, I love writing because it helps me stay sharp and learn new things. Maybe one day I’ll get serious… but that doesn’t sound like much fun.