About Me

Hello and welcome to jesscuest (pronounced Jess “Quest”) . com!

I am a Bay Area native who loves reading, running, and binge watching the same shows over and over. And, of course, I love to write.

I have written two 200-page novels which will never see the light of day. One is about a zombie apocalypse (“Catacomb”, 2015); the other is about a vaccination campaign gone horribly wrong resulting in mass human extinction (“GenVaxx”, 2016). Seriously.

Considering the current state of the world, I will either continue writing stories like this or choose to never touch these topics again.

What I really love to write are non-fiction, research-based articles. I wish I could say that this is my side hustle but since no one ever asks (or pays) me to do it, let’s call it a personal passion for now. 

Here is an overview of what you will find on my site:

  • Forensic Files is one show I have been watching for decades. A few cases just never sat right with me so I decided to investigate. Now I am more convinced than ever that an innocent man is behind bars for merely contaminating a crime scene. You can read about this and two other cases on my blog.
  • My brother owns a carnivorous plant business – so I know a lot about them. Venus flytraps get all the glory, but there are actually many other types of carnivorous plants. I wrote an article about the anti fungal properties of pitcher plants and it was published in the Journal of the International Carnivorous Plant Society (2013). You can access the article on my site.
  • During graduate school I performed extensive research on MannKind, a small biotech corporation. I co-authored two case studies which you can access on my site. During my research I noticed an obscure reference to Martin Shkreli, which led me down a fascinating rabbit-hole. You can learn how Shkreli sabotaged MannKind for financial gain on my blog.

As you have probably figured out, I do not take my hobbies too seriously. I run regularly to stay in shape, but my pace would impress no one. I write regularly to stay sharp, but my novels remain unpublished. Maybe one day I’ll get serious… but for now I hope you enjoy my site.